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     TMJ Brochure

     TMJ Brochure (French)

     Malocclusion Brochure

Print Media Ads

     Chipped Teeth

     Morning Headache

     Broken Crowns or Veneers

     Painful Chewing?

     Charlie Horse in Your Jaw?

     Jaw Spasms When Eating?

     Grind Your Teeth at Night?

Website Videos

     “Malocclusion Animation”

“Why You May Need a Dental Splint”

     “TMJ Disorders”

     “Cracked Tooth”

     “Sensitive Teeth”

     “Canine Guidance”

     “Anterior Guidance”

Radio Ads

     “Another Morning Headache?”

     “Another Chipped Tooth”

     “Getting Long In The Tooth?


     How To Get Your Staff On Board The Occlusion Train

     Marketing and Hosting an Occlusion Community Presentation

Press Release Templates

     “Local Dentist Ends Woman’s Years of Jaw Pain”

     “Local Dentist Takes Mystery Out of TMJ Pain”

     “Chronic Headaches End After Three Visits to Local Dentist”

     “Local Dentist’s Software Proves Headaches are Real”


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