New Patient Ads: Broken Crown

Here are your BiteFX New Patient Ads.

To use the ads effectively, you should place them in a print media (newspaper, local magazine) or use them as flyer/direct mail pieces. The print media art service or your printer should be able to use the elements that you can download to create an ad or flyer of nearly any reasonable size.

Do not think that a one-time placement of the ads will bring in tons of new patients. If you are going to commit to using the ad, you will need to place them in the media or send them out on a consistent basis. In the advertising world, familiarity breeds acceptance. Most consumers will not respond to a one-shot appearance.

Also, purchase an ad space large enough that the text is easily readable and the headline and photo will catch the reader’s attention.

The open space at the bottom of the ads are for your practice logo, address, telephone, website and any social media icons you want to include. REMEMBER TO CHANGE THE LARGE PHONE NUMBER IN THE GRAPHIC BAR.

You could also have the ads printed as flyers and fold them in half with the headline facing out on one side and the open area facing out on the other. In this case, use the open area as your mailing label area and put your logo, address and telephone in as the return address in the upper left of the open area.

You could also have the ads printed on card stock and use the back side for your mailing label to mail the pieces as over-sized post cards.

• To download a zip file of an ad, simply right-click on the image (either color or b&w) below and choose “Download Linked File” (MAC) or “Save Link As” (PC).

• You will NOT be able to view most of the files within the zip file, however, the media or your printer will understand everything perfectly.

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