Radio Ad: Another Morning Headache?


Here is your free BiteFX New Patient Radio Ad.

To use the 30-second ad effectively, you should choose a local radio station that has a high proportion of female listeners.

Pay the extra money to buy “morning drive time” (5am – 9am).

Use “flighting” to maximize your buy. That means run 5 ads on Monday morning and then none on Tuesday. Then schedule 3 ads on Wednesday and none on Thursday. Finally, hit it heavy on Friday with 10 ads.

This takes advantage of a psychological phenomenon that causes listeners to believe that they have heard your ad every day of the week when they actually only heard it twice.

Right Click HERE and select “Download Linked File” (MAC) or “Save Link As” (PC)  to download the audio file.

Take it to your local radio station.

The ad is 23 seconds so there is a 7 second window to add your contact info (telephone, website, practice or doctor name) on the end.

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