Dental Logo Development

Do you have a warm and fuzzy, family-focused dental practice? Or, maybe your dental practice is a high-tech machine. Are you a dental artist who creates exquisite smiles out of oral disasters? Maybe you’re dental practice where the staff and patients joke around with each other like family. Then again, you may be the epitome of precision, solving patient’s problems like a finely-tuned microchip.

The point is, whatever your practice is like, there are lots of people out there who want a dentist just like you. The problems arise when new patients develop one impression of you from your marketing and office brand/logo, only to find at their first appointment that you are nothing like the first impression they had developed.

They were expecting a laid-back, soft-spoken and warm, teddy bear dental practice and your team is actually a hard-driving, esthetic dental practice that throws around $30,000 cosmetic cases like they were water. And you wonder why they never come back.

Curtis Group creates dental logos that speak volumes to the public.
We’ll create a logo for one practice that says, very deliberately, “We are a precise, perfectionist dental practice,” and another that yells out, “We are on the cutting edge of dental techniques and are always up on the newest thing.”

So, when you look through our dental logo gallery, don’t just look at colors and fonts… Try to imagine what kind of dental practice personality we are communicating to the public.


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