Patient Brochure (French)

To use your BiteFX Patient Brochure effectively, you should become familiar with its sections. The brochure uses the cover to remind a patient of their recurring occlusal symptoms. And, while the current brochure has the BiteFX logo on the front, your practice’s logo can be placed there instead.

Inside, the overleaf is a self-guided survey to help a patient complete a preliminary screening of their symptoms and possible diagnosis of occlusal disease. This, of course is not meant to be thorough nor definitive. However, it may get the patient talking about specific points of concern. If you suspect that a patient has occlusal disease, you can use this survey panel to direct their minds towards a step-by-step assessment of your intuitions.

Inside the brochure, a topical explanation of the nature of dysfunctional occlusion, the symptoms and possible treatments are presented. Graphics taken straight from the BiteFX software tie the brochure and your practice’s advanced technology together.

The back panel shows a quick review of what BiteFX is and how it helps the patient.

You should make these brochures readily available in your practice reception area and operatories. In addition, any new patient packets that are sent out should contain the brochures as well.

If you would like your BiteFX brochures personalized, either with your own graphics or edited text, call Curtis Group (320-363-0210) and we will be happy to help you.

If you would like to order more BiteFX Patient Brochures, you can do so here:

100 Brochures (French) (Regular $177)

250 Brochures (French) (Regular $197)
500 Brochures (French) (Regular $223)

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