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Online dental marketing today can offer new options overnight (some good – some bad) and the choices that must be made are causing a lot of dentists’ heads to explode. Just the other day, one of our “older” clients voiced a huge buildup of frustration with the online dental marketing arena. 

“I remember when all I had to do was decide how big my Yellow Pages ad was going to be and then make sure people could see my sign as they drove by,” he said. “Now, Yellow Pages is dead and everything seems to be happening online in dental marketing. I can’t even keep up it’s changing so fast.”

I reminded him that our team has an extensive track record with marketing a dental practice online and that, when we compare everything, …he is spending less on a comprehensive online marketing effort than he used to spend on just a full-page Yellow Pages ad. Plus, their office is recording nearly double the new patients compared to when they were running that YP ad.

Many of our clients come to us after finding that their dental internet marketing efforts are faltering or don’t seem to work as a comprehensive plan. You, in fact, may be feeling that same way about your overall marketing. A quick look usually reveals that clients have been contracting with multiple dental marketing companies with each one working on their company’s “specialty” product and they all assure you that THEIR service is the most important of all.

At Curtis Group, your dental website is just a cornerstone element. Your dental online marketing is viewed as you would view a battlefield map… looking at every essential element and planning ahead to create a synergy of effort.That strategy not only makes your online marketing more effective, it cuts costs by not duplicating efforts on similar campaigns.

You’ll come to see that our team sees dental practice marketing online as an interconnection of tools and not just a list of stand-alone elements. That integration is the extra power you get from Curtis Group.









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