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Marketing your dental practice on the internet now is nothing like it was just a few years ago and the choices that must be made are causing many dentists’ grey matter to turn red. Just the other day, one of our “older” clients voiced a huge buildup of frustration with his marketing needs. 

“I remember when all I had to do was decide how big my Yellow Pages ad was going to be and then make sure people could see my sign as they drove by,” he said. “Now, Yellow Pages is dead and everything seems to be happening online in dental marketing. I can’t even keep up it’s changing so fast.”

I reassured him that we have overwhelming experience with dental online marketing and that, when we review all the numbers, …he is actually spending less for a synergistic online program than he used to spend on just a full-page Yellow Pages ad. Not only that, their schedule is getting twice as many new patients compared to back then.

A lot of of our clients find that their online dental marketing results are faltering or are not integrating well. You could be thinking the same about your overall marketing. Usually we discover that clients are juggling multiple dental marketing vendors with each company handling one element and they’re all clamoring for a bigger piece of the pie.

At Curtis Group, your dental website is just a cornerstone element. Our strategy takes all elements of your plan into account at once so we can optimize the effectiveness of each.That strategy not only makes your online marketing more effective, it cuts costs by not duplicating efforts on similar campaigns.

You see, we see online dental marketing as a system instead of a collection of “things-to-try”. And that makes all the difference for our clients’ success.









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