What Is A Bad Bite? BiteFX Makes It Simple.

Muscles Opening

Did your previous dentist ever advise you that your occlusion is off in your teeth?

And, you wanted to know what they meant by that. So, they started sloppily drawing caveman-like hieroglyphs of someone’s upper and lower jaw.

Possibly the dentist opened a side closet and proudly retrieved a dusty plastic educational demonstration contraption from the 70’s. The dentist began to vigorously move the jaw up and down and back and forth. Well, that certainly cleared things up!

DOCTOR NAME uses a state-of-the-art, 3D, digital presentation program called BiteFX™ which utilizes elementary movie animations (no silly sketches) to illustrate bite problems in a way that anyone can understand.

After watching BiteFX, patients will understand exactly why they have the symptoms that they have. In addition, patients can predict the probable solution to their problem.

Using the BiteFX educational system, we can show you exactly why:
• your teeth have been continually ground down to stubs.
• you keep experiencing stabbing pains in your jaw joint.
• you wake up most mornings with a nagging tension headache.
• your bite is causing you so much inflammation and agonizing discomfort.

BiteFX makes a difficult idea simple to understand and, more importantly, makes it easy for you to select a step-by-step course of action that will relieve you from your pains and have you enjoying life again within weeks.

A Few Minutes Now Could Make All The Difference.

And, so, we suggest you to invest six minutes of your day without delay. Just six minutes can positively alter the rest of your life. Simply watch this educational video that uses the BiteFX system, and in just six minutes you’ll know why you grind your teeth at night, have recurring headaches, get stabbing pains in your temples and more.

What’s more, you’ll see how easy it can be to quickly get relief at PRACTICE NAME.


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