Dental Social Media Marketing: Dental Facebook, LinkedIn, and More

What is everybody doing on the internet these days?

That’s simple. They’re living their lives.

And, social media sites are where they talk to each other about what’s important in their lives. They discuss kids, marriages, get-togethers, careers and more.

In fact, one of the “more” things that they discuss is YOU!

You see, back in the old days, people had back yards and women did the laundry and hung it out on Saturdays. They talked over the back fence about the same things they talk about today on the internet. And, that’s where they talked about doctors and dentists and butchers as well. Then, on Sundays, men would mow the lawn or barbecue in the back yard and they would talk over the back fence about the same things.

Social media sites today are replicas of that same gossipy back yard of yesterday.

Curtis Group manages your dental social media presence. We make sure that you look good, are interesting and entertaining, and that people have a good impression of you. Dental Facebook management has become as important as any other type of dental marketing that you do.

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