Google-Structured Dental Websites

What makes Curtis Group dental websites different than other dentist websites?
Fair Question.
One that a “little” company called Google can answer far better than we can.

In 2005, Google did some very important research on exactly what makes a website effective and easy to read. They put cameras on computer monitors and tracked viewers’ eye movements. By tracking viewers’ pupils, Google could tell;
#1 The path that viewers’ eyes took when viewing a website
#2 Where on the website viewers were focusing and
#3 How long viewers looked at certain information.
Also, by measuring expansion/contraction of viewers’ irises, Google could measure the viewer’s interest in the material being viewed.

The implications for dentist websites was huge!

Google found that North Americans, by and large, used a consistent pattern to view a website – whether or not the website was constructed in that pattern.
The five top findings from this study showed:
#1 Visitors scan quickly from left to right across the top of the dental website to confirm that they have clicked into the right place. They are looking for a logo, name and phone number.
#2 They scan a second time looking for prominent buttons that “quicklink” to important information they are seeking on the dentist website.
#3 If they don’t find convenient access portals (buttons) on the second scan, they scan left to right again to look for more detailed navigation into the dental website.
#4 As they read your dental website’s content, viewers have been schooled since kindergarten that the next line of a sentence will start at the edge of the left page or at the middle fold when reading a right-hand page. Therefore, if there are links and stuff located to the left of the content, viewers’ eyes tire more quickly from the “work” of finding the next line and they click out of the dentist website.
#5 As we read a page’s information, the left-brain makes viewers consistently glance to the right of the dental website for additional information.

Google’s ground-breaking research resulted in Curtis Group immediately, and drastically, changing how we designed dental websites. Dr. Fred Peck’s website at the left shows how we developed features of Curtis Group’s dental websites to match Google research points above.
See our Dentist Website Gallery

We had even won national design awards for dentist websites before that that were now “all wrong”. Amazingly enough, none of the other dental website design groups picked up on this research.

Since we changed our dental website architecture and added a number of features and goodies that enhance the viewing experience, our clients’ dentist websites track more page views per visitor with longer total minutes spent on the dental website. Most importantly, they bring in new patients more effectively.

“Thank you, Google.”


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