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Google’s move to improve its search results for cell phone/sdmart phone users has made the genre of domain names ending in .mobi obsolete. Today, responsive desktop websites are the way to go for developers of cell phone websites.

Why did Google do this?
To improve the search experience for its users and lessen confusion for searchers using a cell phone.

Why did the old system confuse or hinder cell phone users?
Say a searcher on a cell phone were to search for “dentist” on Google. Under the old system, many searchers would see results listed for specific pages within a dental website. Those specific pages would best satisfy the needs of the user. However, the search results usually referred to specific pages on desktop websites. When the searcher clicked on the listing, they would be taken to the desktop website which, and herein lies the confusion, would detect that they were visiting on a cell phone. The site would then redirect the searcher to the .mobi website which, at first glance, sounds perfectly ok. The problem was that the desktop website redirected searchers to the HOME page of the .mobi website, forcing the searcher to look through that website for the page that they had intended to reach. That resulted in many searchers being disappointed with the entire Google search experience.

So, why the switch to responsive websites?
By developing responsive websites that adjust their presentation to the size of the device upon which the site is being viewed, searchers who clicked on the perfect listing for their needs would arrive at that page in a seamless, hiccup-free transition. At the time, it seemed like a heavy-handed demand by Google, especially when Google included the threat of a drop in search rankings for those website developers who did not comply, however, in the long run, website developers have responded with better, more creative websites and the search experience has gotten off the dirt road and transitioned to the interstate freeway.


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