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Take a few minutes and look through websites designed by Curtis Group to see what design features you like. You can preview them by clicking the link below. In the gallery, you can click on the thumbnails to be taken to the actual working website. You DON'T HAVE TO FILL in every blank below.



Priority Portals: Curtis Group makes use of Priority Portals to link to specific topics that searchers want to find quickly, or, topics that you want to highlight as major elements in your practice.

You will also have a more detailed navigation menu. Here, you may duplicate any of the Priority Portal topics or, select more generalized headings. We strongly suggest that you limit your main navigation menu to seven headings.





Your Case Photos

If you have acceptable photos of your dental casework, we will turn them into a beautiful slideshow Smile Gallery. "Acceptable" photos means a high-resolution photo of a non-retracted Before smile and a high-resolution photo of a non-retracted After smile. To further enhance the case presentation, we recommend getting a high-resolution After photo of the patient’s full-face with a proper background, indirect lighting and perfect focus. And, while Before photos can be taken "in-the-chair," they still need to be high-resolution as well. For a really incredible Smile Gallery presentation, have your patients see a professional portrait photographer to have their After photos taken.

Case photo jpgs must be labeled like this: Ruth–Before-Smile.jpg or Ruth-After-Face.jpg. You may add a last name initial if you like such as: Ruth-J-After-Smile.jpg. If you have multiple photos of Ruth’s after smile, please number them as well: Ruth-J-After-Smile-3.jpg.

TIPS: Please take smile photos using your camera's landscape view (horizontal format) and face photos using the portrait position (vertical format). Please, do not cut off the corners of smiles, the tops of heads, one ear or the other, or the chin and neck. Make sure that the patient's teeth are in perfect focus.

We cannot "sharpen" a photo that is out of focus. We will not alter the color or presentation of the teeth. We can change the overall coloration of a photo that is "too red" or "too dark", however, the coloration of the teeth will change as well. We can brighten up the teeth, however, the entire photo will lose contrast and lighten up as well. We can remove moles, pimples, red eye, etc. on photos for a reasonable fee.

You must have in your possession a signed Patient Marketing Release form for every photo or photo set used in a Smile Gallery.

Available Case Photos

If you don’t have great case photos but are still interested in having a gorgeous Smile Gallery, Curtis Group offers beautiful case photos that you can purchase directly from the dentist who owns them. You can start with four to five purchased cases and add your own as you go. To see available cases, click the link below.


Curtis Group offers a number of online fillable patient forms. If you opt in to our recommended HIPAA-compliant email plan (described later in this document), patients may securely email form results to your office. If your office emails are not HIPAA-compliant, forms can be completed online and printed to bring or send (snail mail) to the dental practice. To review the online forms available to you, click the link below.


“Request An Appointment” is an online form that allows a reader to fill in his or her information and request that someone from your office contact them to schedule an appointment. If you use Demand Force, LightHouse 360 or Smile Reminder for patient communication and also as an online appointment request tool, we can place a link on your website to take viewers to that page.


Curtis Group can place a Topical Survey on related pages in your website (Cosmetic Dentistry Survey on the smile gallery page, etc.). Topical surveys are used to highlight specific services that may be offered at your office. If you have a service (such as TMJ or Sleep Apnea treatments) that you want to emphasize, these surveys are a great way for visitors to realize treatment might be necessary and you have it available. To review the online surveys available to you, click the link below.


Curtis Group will place link icons for social media and reviews on your website. Please copy and paste the URLs of your important links below. If you do not have some of these accounts, please do not quickly go and create them. Let us help you.


Curtis Group has a number of aftercare instruction PDFs available for your visitors to read and download from your website. You may use any or all of them or add your own as well.


If you host your website with Curtis Group, we set up Google’s Traffic Analytics software to show website visits and traffic, online referral sources, most-visited web pages, etc. We provide you with a username and password.


Once your website is posted live you will have 60 days of free changes and corrections. After that, Curtis Group will give you an estimate of the cost to make changes. NOTE: Many of our advanced marketing programs come with free website updates. We can discuss these on our Discovery Telephone Conference.


At any time, if you should find a critical error on your website (incorrect phone number, email address, etc.), notify us by email or telephone and we will make the necessary changes within 1 business day at no cost. Also, if you should have an employee who leaves suddenly and/or on bad terms (it happens), notify us and we will remove them from the website within 1 business day.




No Music

We highly recommend AGAINST music on your website. Many visitors are, quite frankly, viewing your website in situations where it may be embarrassing for them to suddenly have music begin playing when they open your website.

Using Great Photos

Office Photos and Case photos need to be of the highest quality. We highly recommend using a local professional photographer. The cost of professional photography is nothing compared to the cost of an unappealing website that potential new patients leave to go elsewhere.

Starting With A Great Logo

Your website design will need to match the design and quality level of your logo. If your logo needs revamping or upgrading, we recommend that you have it re-designed by Curtis Group or a quality designer before we begin the website.

No Unnecessary Animations

Curtis Group definitely recommends stepping away from any distracting images or animations that will not add to the quality of your website. If your nephew really likes online animation gifs and created one for you that you would really like to feature, make sure it represents your office well and think about what that first impression will be when a new patient views it on the first page. Would you leave right away? In addition, while many websites are making use of "Sliders" these days, they can be annoying to many visitors.

Obtaining Technology Photos

If you own a piece of technology that needs a photo to help explain its use and benefit for patients, please help us get photos of it from your company rep. Don't just tell us to "call the company." Usually they don't respond to us. Remember, we cannot just "use" a photo from Google Images. If you want a photo of the technology in use, you will need to supply us with an original photo from your practice.

Marketing Releases

We require a signed Marketing Release for every person pictured in your website. That includes the doctors, the staff, your mother and that dear patient whose been with you for 23 years and assures you that it's okay to use her photos but never gets around to signing a Marketing Release.

You don't need to send us the Marketing Releases, however, we do want your signature below (typed signature is legal) acknowledging this requirement.

I hereby release, discharge, and agree to save Curtis Marketing Group, Inc., Mark Curtis and company staff from any liability for publishing photographic images, voice recordings, reviews, surveys, testimonials, comments, thank you notes and/or letters that were indicated by our dental practice to be from a patient who provided us with a signed Marketing Release.

If you want to print the completed Discovery to refer to during the telephone Discovery Conference, you must do so BEFORE you send us the completed form.

Copyright 2015, Curtis Marketing Group, Inc. Do not use without written permission from Curtis Marketing Group, Inc.


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