Schedule Time With Mark

Have you ever called Mark only to discover that he’s on the telephone or away from his desk? You leave a message and he calls you back, but you’re with a patient. Then you call back and he’s not available. What a HASSLE!

Let’s make a pact to not do that anymore.

Simply fill out the form below and note when you know you’ll be available and Mark will make sure that he holds all other calls, has used the restroom, has eaten his lunch and has all your information ready to talk with you without wasting your time (after all, you are more rigidly booked than he ever will be).

If you would rather talk to someone, don’t hesitate to call the office and Sue or Deanna will make sure to update Mark’s calendar for you.

For Women Only

The practice of dentistry involves treating the whole person. If the dentist determines that there may be a potential medically- compromised situation, medical consultation may be needed prior to commencement of dental treatment. I authorize the dentist to contact my physician. I have read and understand this form. To the best of my knowledge, I have answered every question completely and accurately. I will inform my dentist of any change in my health and/or medication. I will not hold my dentist, or any other member of his/her staff, responsible for any errors or omissions that I may have made in the completion of this form.

If you want to print the completed page for your records, you must do so BEFORE you send us the form.


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